The covers are off.. | Fern Verrow

The covers are off..

Thrilled with the warm weather, at last we have beds made ready for sowing and planting. The warmth has brought out the flowers and the leaves on the trees have filled out to what one might expect at this time of year. Panting ewes and lambs can be found in shady corners of the fields reminding us that shearing time approaches. Ginger pigs are keeping cool and avoiding sunburn by wallowing in damper cool patches that are still to dry out.


We had been worried that we would not be able to come to London this week, but we have organised our planting and we will be at Spa Terminus as usual. Wonderful, perfect radish this week, a few of our own stunning lettuce will be ready too. Spinach  from the greenhouse, and an array of lovely herbs. We will also be bringing some lamb from Model Farm. These lambs were born in February and will have only been fed on mothers milk and pasture. This is how spring lamb should truly be, seasonal and only possible if one dosen’t feed concentrates being ready in  late May early June. The meat is soft and milky, we will have leg and shoulder joints and chops.


Thought that I should share a gradening tip, the warm weather has brought out the greenfly, sadly they are fond of a tender rose bud. A tip that I learnt from a past worker was to spray a solution of mild soapy water, yes we all know that trick, but the thing that really makes a good job of it is to immediately rinse with plenty of water. The soap makes the little bugs loosen their grip on the buds, and the rinsing washes them away… brilliant works every time.

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