Tired and Tested | Fern Verrow

Tired and Tested

Every growing  season tests our skills as growers and human beings. This year is a doozy! We are pushing ourselves and the farm hard to be able to get some plants into the ground. The rain in April was a blessing as it filled the depleted streams that supply us with the essential water needed… however the cool, still wet days of May have meant that we are very behind with planting. Although our heavy, high altitude soil produces very vigorous and exceptional plants, it does take it’s time to settle down and allow us to work it. We firmly believe that to push and take over with machinery is not ultimately in any ones interest. So we watch the weather closely and work gently with our soil, caring and treating it with respect. We have cleared fields of docks and other persistent weeds, lifted the soil to allow it to air and breathe, all we need now is a little warmth, sunshine and no rain for a fortnight.


The rest of Fern Verrow is looking very tidy, a propagating greenhouse full of plants. The Salad greenhouse is very happy with some lovely temperate crops, many of which for sale this weekend. More bacon and Gammon this Saturday. Next week the first of the proper spring lamb from Model Farm, by this I mean lambs that have been born this year, and have only been fed on their mothers milk and grass. Most spring lamb sold these days are winter born lambs, that are fed on concentrates to bring them up to weight in time for Easter, not really seasonal food at all.

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