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Buds of May

The end of this week has still brought a lot of heavy rain. Our land is sodden, and still no seeds or plants are out in the fields. The forecast is for high pressure, a nice drying breeze, sunshine and raising temperatures… hurrah and hurray! Perhaps now our seeds will germinate and we can get on with planting. The upside of all this rain has meant that everywhere is looking very beautiful, with the lush green growth that makes May so special. Plenty of blossom on the fruit trees and bushes, and now with the promised warmth, the fruit can now begin to grow and ripen. We missed the threat of frost earlier this week, thank goodness, as this would have brought us more worries at such a crucial blossom time. You can’t fight or control the weather, which can be so challenging for us farmers, but we are sure that we will be looked after and all will come good. Each season is such a learning curve, and really tests ones skills as a grower. I think the most important thing is to have faith in nature, work with her and learn from her.


Our young chickens and geese are growing very well, and at last are off the heat lamps and out to pasture. Lambs are getting fat on last seasons cabbage patch, actually I think that for once our lambs are looking better than most of our neighbours sheep, having had much food for Mums and lambs.


Calfie and Titch are still thriving, with Calfie showing signs of being quite a good mother afterall. They too are out on the grass, can’t believe that it was just two weeks ago that we had a potential tragedy on our hands.


This week at Spa Terminus we have some lovely spinach. Very good salad bags, herbs and some plants for your gardens. Sausages and pork this week… roasting legs and belly¬†of pork, tenderloin , cubed shoulder and much more besides.

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