Wettest April for 100 years | Fern Verrow

Wettest April for 100 years

Oh my goodness what alot of rain we have had. Feeling a little bit worried now, a late season is definitely on the cards. Hey hoe, onwards and upwards. The  good news is that we have had a calf. A bit of a drama though with Mum not taking to her offspring. In the pouring rain we brought  Mum and daughter home and  into a nice cosy dry area. Mum was still not at all interested in raising her baby, and Titch as she is called hadn’t a clue where her food had to come from. The first 48 hours are very important for the calf to get a tummy full of colostrum, the essential first milk to help build her immune system. Meanwhile we are harvesting, very stretched and trying not to fuss over them too much. With some good advice from Jon and a two litre baby bottle we managed to get the calf suckling, with Harry taking over as Mum we managed to get some milk into Titch… the morning brought a little calm and a fresh approach. Our strategy was to have the cow standing still so that we could show young Titch how things were done, so we gave Mum a couple of kilos of potatoes, and whilst she munched  we led the calf to the swollen udders and hey presto she suckled well. To cut a long story short a week later Mum and daughter are united.  It takes these moments for us to realise how fragile and harsh life can be, but with a little perseverance  and faith things do turn around. So let’s hope that warmth and sunshine will come soon so that we may get on with planting.

We do however have some crops from the greenhouse, a little soggy, but tasting good.

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