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Rain Rain go away

We have three streams running through Fern Verrow, all of them are flowing very fast, and we can here the roar of water all around us. This is indeed something we have not seen for quite a while. The leaves are coming on the trees and coming on strong, and the apple and quince blossom  are  just about to burst. When the warmth and sun do return, we will be in a sea of fresh green, our favourite time of year. We are of course very grateful for all the rain that is falling from the sky, however it is seriously cramping our style right now. No planting or sowing in the ground has been able to be done, and time is ticking on. We have managed to keep working outside most of the time, so all the little jobs that don’t get done are being done. The tool shed is tidy, and animals are well tended to. What we are hoping for, is a dry week with temperatures rising. The soil needs a good four or five days of warmth and dryness to be able to work it at all. So what this means for farmers and growers is that we are in a state of limbo. Happy that the much needed rain is falling, but desparately needing a break in the wet weather to be able to get on with planting food in the ground, so that crops have enough time in the ground to grow and come to fruition. Meanwhile we do have some crops for sale lovely cauliflowers, spinach, salad bags and excellent herbs. More flowers including some stunning yellow tulips.Gammon and bacon for sale this week.

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