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Weather for ducks

And weather for the birth of 21 new chicks, in an assortment of colours, due to some very colourful cockerels running with the hens. Three young goslings discovered yesterday evening sheltering under their mothers, aunts, uncles and daddies wings, a nice big caring and protective family group. Our worries begin now on how to help in keeping the little ones alive and well. Today we put a piece of wood across the entrance of their house to allow the adults to have access outside, but a step too high for the young goslings. Food and water is underneath an upside down orange box to allow the young access only, so far so good!

Much rain and large hailstones have been falling with some good spells of warm sunshine, good weather for the  grass to grow, a big relief to our neighbouring sheep farmers. Herefordshire is at its best at this time of year, with spring in full swing and everywhere looking  new and green.

Sausages and chicken for sale at Spa Terminus this week. Some of our own spinach, perhaps a few new season cauliflowers. Salad bags are good and many herbs on great form. More tulips and other foraged foliage. Try our tisane bunches of herbs including mint, sweet cicely, fennel and lemon balm.





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