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Easter brings lambs, chicks and rain

This week started off with a proper rainy day on Monday, something we haven’t seen for months. The grass was very pleased to have a good soak, and it has changed colour from a wintery yellow hue, to the emerald shade that comes in spring. Our planting plans were halted with the wet weather for the time being.  We used our time well though to tend to first five of our ewes that have had their young. A pedicure for all, and a little trim to keep their bottoms clean! The lambs are beautiful, and in a field opposite our kitchen window. Watching them at mealtimes brings us much pleasure with the little ones frolicking about and enjoying themselves. Dry weather is on its way next week and we plan to catch up on the planting and sowing. It will be a busy one with all the  potatoes going into the soil on Monday. The drilling of leaf crops on Wednesday, followed by peas and beans on a fruit day later in the week.

Week old goslings and chicks are all doing well in there new extra light and warm nursery with more chicks due to be hatched from our incubator on Monday or Tuesday. Our family of geese are also due to hatch their sixteen eggs from this Friday, hoping that nature will take its course and produce some young goslings, more importantly that the parents manage to keep an eye out for hawks needing to feed their young, a gosling would make a tasty treat. Fingers crossed all will be well. We will try and build them a shelter in which to raise their young until they are big enough not to be snatched.

The last of the purple sprouting for sale this week, Lovely salad bag ingredients, baby spinach, young beet leaves and ruby chard, along with some rocket and mustard leaves make up the mix. Lots of herbs too, with mint being especially good. Green leaves include Swiss chard and Ruby Chard.

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