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April Showers?

On  Monday we were working in our T-shirts. On Wednesday, it snowed all day. We spent the day sorting through our seed potatoes in preparation to plant them out when conditions become more favourable. Twin lambs were born on Sunday morning, the first to arrive. Within an hour they are taking their first steps and after a couple of days you can see them leaping up and kicking their legs back ( ” Hey! Look what I can do”). It is a joy to watch young lambs with an attentive mother and they arrive into this world with long legs that they seem to grow into in the coming weeks.  We built a shelter for them to keep them out of the extreme weather. We do not move the Ewes inside when they are lambing, and let them get on with it outside, but Wednesday would not have been a good day for any of the other ladies to have given birth.  The weather was definitely a shock to the system for all the animals, and the pigs seemed as confused as we were.

Thank you very much to all the brave explorers that got their way to Spa Terminus last week. For those of you not fasting this Easter weekend we will be bringing some Ducks, first of the season salad leaves, hot radishes, new season herbs, swiss chard and beet leaves and some cooked Ham.

Spa Terminus is quite a maze and difficult to find, even with a map. Entrance to the Dockley road area is down an alleyway on Spa road, just on the southern side of the arches.


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