Saturday 24th March | Fern Verrow

Saturday 24th March

First day of Spring.. and yes it really is spring.. warm dry days ( trying not to think about the dryness) Seeds have been sown and germination going very well. I have been particularly obsessed with flowers this week, with a new flower bed having been created, and with the help of Cornelius we have sown flower plants from seed… white flowers seem to be our theme this season, most exciting, look out for white cornflowers this year. Harry is busy with fencing and landscaping Fern Verrow, something that makes him very happy. Kata our new worker is learning about how we do things here, and she has helped us with putting all the pigs onto the land to help with their necessary work on the land. So things going well and according to plan.

Animal wise our ewes are looking fat and are due to lamb in a fortnight. Curly our cow and her daughter Calfie are  to be put onto pasture next week. Haven’t seen any cows outside yet, but sure that we are ready for this now as the grass is growing and we have plenty of good pasture to feed our two ladies. The chickens are laying well, and we will be incubating some eggs next week with the intention of raising some chicks for meat and egg production. Very exiting news, we have a goose sitting on a dozen eggs, something that we have not had much success with in recent years. Her “husband” sits alongside her and accompanies her down to the stream every morning, honking at the other birds to make way. Fingers crossed that we shall have a few goslings waddling around the farm in about three weeks time. Hatching them is one thing, but stopping them being taken by hawks is another.

This week is our last day at Stanworth street, from next Saturday 31st we will be at Spa Terminus, please look on our home page for a new map.

Meanwhile this weekend we have sausages for sale, more lovely greens, herbs and salad crops. The first of the Sanguinello blood oranges( the best in our opinion) These are from Italy and are certified biodynamic, as are the new crop of lemons.  More blossom for sale, this week the plum twigs are just about to produce their very delicate, white opaque blooms.

We have a few ducks for sale for Easter if anyone would like one please let us know and we can book one for you.

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