Saturday 10th March | Fern Verrow

Saturday 10th March

The new growing season draws near, couriers arrive with heavy boxes of seeds. The land is ready for the pigs to move onto various patches to turn, airate and eat off any weeds that may be lurking. Two of our new workers arrive next weekend, so we will start sowing again. All the fruit bushes and trees have been pruned, and growth is begining to appear, let’s hope that winter does not reappear bringing potential frost damage to tender shoots.

We are again at the Arch this weekend, with lots of nice greens, purple sprouting, spinach and kales. Salad leaves are plentiful. As many of you know the Maltbies are on the move, our last trading day in our present spaces is 24th March. From 31st we will be just a few minutes away at Dockley. Full addresses and maps to follow next week.

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