Saturday 14th January | Fern Verrow

Saturday 14th January

We are back at the arch this Saturday. We will be bringing a great selection of vegetables, partly thanks to the spring like weather we seem to have had most of this winter so far. The old favourites such as leeks, kale and roots are all abundant and in great condition. Purple sprouting and cauliflowers are showing six weeks early, so these too are for sale this week. What extraordinary weather we are having; if one didn’t know the date and amount of daylight hours, you would think that spring was upon us. Snowdrops, daffodils and tulips all poking their first growth through, usually at least eight weeks apart. Birds are singing as if it were spring. It has just been Harry and Jane since Christmas and we are enjoying getting on with things quietly. Pruning fruit trees and bushes is off to a good start, and general planning for this coming season.

Very happy to say that we are able to bring the first of new season citrus this week, pink grapefruit, oranges… including blood oranges, not quite at vampire stage yet, but sweet and good. Bergamot lemons too make their first appearance and the first of the Seville. Watch out for marmalade in the next few weeks.

See you on Saturday

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