Saturday 17th December | Fern Verrow

Saturday 17th December

Proper wintery weather has at last arrived, not  much frost yet, but sleety showers and a brisk chilly wind. Areas of the farm are properly muddy and will remain so until the spring. The grass is no longer emerald green, but dark, sage green in colour with yellow hues! So the sheep and cows are munching their way very happily  through the warm sunshine scented hay. Moooving Curly the cow and her calf into the barn today, where they will stay until early spring, when the grass starts to grow again.

Much on offer at the Arch this weekend. Chicken and duck, Christmas hams and bacon on the meat front. Potatoes, cabbages, beetroot and kales. A great selection of squashes with such beautiful colours it hurts your eyes. We have scoured the farm for holly (lots of berries) ivy and mistletoe, so we will look very festive, these will of course be for sale.

 Bought in produce will include some lovely oranges and lemons, walnuts and chestnuts. Many of you will be pleased to hear that we have made a batch of four fruit marmalade, very zingy, a great favourite of ours on toast of course, and a kipper to go with it, sounds horrid I know, but it is delicious, but I do love a kipper!

Please remember that we will be at the arch again next Thursday and Friday. 12-6 on Thursday and 8.30-3 on Friday. We will  not be there on Saturday 24th.  We still have a few geese, turkey and duck available so please let us know if you would like one. We will be returning in the New Year on 7th January.

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