Saturday 10th December | Fern Verrow

Saturday 10th December

On Sunday morning  we made our last trip to the abattoir for this year, with three beautiful pigs to provide bacon and gammon for Christmas. The sausages from these pigs will be for sale this Saturday at the Arch. Today we are off to Michaelchurch Court to clear their drive of all the fallen oak leaves from the picturesque avenue of very old oak trees that run up the drive to the house. Such a marker for the year, although quite a workout, we are very grateful to be able to have the leaves as mulch for plants in a couple of years time once composted. A vegetable and chicken broth awaits our return at lunchtime. Manure heaps have been covered for the winter to prevent any leaching of goodness. Todays gales have tested the sheets and all seems well. All compost heaps have been turned and had the biodynamic preparations applied. Good night, and a peaceful winter to all these wonderful earthy, organic life giving components which  contribute so much to our growing. How precious this matter is to us, and how modest it appears, but how powerful it is,  bringing life to our vegetables and our wellbeing.

A reminder that we will be at the Arch on 17th as usual, and we will also be trading on Thursday 22nd from 12-6 and on Friday 23rd 9-3. Weather permitting we hope to have a very good supply of vegetables for your Christmas lunch on both these days. Lots of sprouts, potatoes,red cabbage and squashes. Cranberries, great citrus and nuts too. Also some quince jelly for sale, a great accompaniment to Goose and Duck. If you would like any of our Christmas poultry please place your order soon.

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