Saturday 3rd December | Fern Verrow

Saturday 3rd December

This time last year, we were all dealing with the start of last winters big freeze. How different it is this year, so mild and dry. We are very grateful to be able to work outside without the cold and wet. The animals are thriving, without being set back from keeping warm in the cold, and battling with the rain. The cows are still grazing outside, but with less goodness in the grass we have begun to feed them a little hay from this years excellent quality harvest.

A few chickens for sale this week, all pretty large with big legs, so big pans needed for cooking. We are ready to take orders for Christmas poultry and hams, so please reserve your bird and gammon as soon as possible. Lots of lovely vegetables too this week.

Just a quick note this week, so see you at the Arch on Saturday.

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