Christmas Fare 2011 | Fern Verrow

Christmas Fare 2011

Below a list of Poultry and Hams that we will have available this Christmas. Orders now being taken. Please check our opening times.

Christmas Fare from Fern Verrow

 Goose– As usual, we have our free-range grass fed, organic geese. As they have a lot of exercise they tend not to be too fatty, but produce fat of outstanding quality in all the right places. Each bird will be a good sized bird for a largish family. If you haven’t had goose before they are well worth trying!

 Duck- A very festive bird, rich flavoured meat, very lean and tasty, golden coloured skin, with a layer of beautiful yellow fat (the best part). A suitable sized bird for the smaller family Christmas lunch, 4-6 people. A big treat.

 Turkey- We have more turkeys this year than in previous years. As usual they come in a variety of sizes, from largish chicken size to a good sized turkey size! We have been very pleased with the turkeys that we have produced here, very flavoursome and not at all dry in texture.


 Hams- uncooked gammon joints, a must have if you are feeding lots of people over the Christmas period, as it is very good cold and therefore can be very versatile. These we can have cut in approximate sizes. 2, 4 and 8kg. We have these joints throughout the year, so you are able to try them out and perfect your glaze.


Bacon- Smoked and unsmoked back bacon from our organic Tamworth  pigs.


We are be happy to supply cooking instructions for the hams. As for the poultry, generally speaking we suggest a long slow cook is best, but please check with us for more detailed cooking instructions.


Orders Now Being taken at the Arch or by email

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