Saturday 12th November | Fern Verrow

Saturday 12th November

On Sunday morning we took two pigs to the abbattoir, so there will be sausages for sale this Saturday. The Gammon and Bacon cuts from these two will spend the next two weeks curing in brine. The Bacon will then be smoked and sliced, so these will be for sale the following Saturday. 

On our way home on Sunday, we picked up a very handsome Ram (called Loverboy) from a friend and once home, put him in the field where our Ewes are at the moment. Within five minutes he had already served three of them. He did not score highly for endurance but got 10 out of 10 for enthusiasm and commitment. We will keep him with his ladies for the next 6 weeks during which time he will hopefully them serve all. The gestation time for a Ewe is 145 days, so we will be expecting lambs to arrive anytime from the beginning of April. By this time in spring there should be plenty of lush new grass and warm sunshine on the pastures and will provide mothers with what they need to get the little ones off to a strong start.   

We have been living in the clouds for the last few days with 100% humidity and poor visibility , much more like the climate that we are used to at this time of year. We have spent  today weeding all the strawberries and raspberries and tying up Loganberries, cutting back, tying up and giving everything a generous helping of composted cow manure, holding in our heads the abundance and quality of this summers fruit and willing the generosity of the fruiting to come again next year.

With the darkness coming in earlier and earlier the homing instinct is starting to kick in. Tonight we are looking forward to a Lancashire hotpot made from a neck of lamb, onions, carrots and desiree potatoes. Good peasant food.

Good crops available again this Saturday for sale at the Arch. Great greens and roots.         

Thought for the week!

“It is far more important to allow the sublime secrets of this universe  to possess our souls than to gather theoretical knowledge on a purely intellectual basis.

Anthroposophy should lead to this feeling of being at one with the universe.

Through anthroposophy, human beings can perceive the activity of a divine being. Then cosmic knowledge and understanding begin to fill a persons whole soul. The task of anthroposophy is not to appeal to the intellectual faculty alone, but to enlighten the whole person and show their total involvement in the universe; to inspire them with reverence and devotion towards it. Every object and every event in the world will be invested with a spirit of selfless service proceeding from the heart and soul of the human being. And this selfless service will be rewarded by knowledge and understanding”.

(Rudolf Steiner)








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