Saturday 29th October | Fern Verrow

Saturday 29th October

Our first really wet day for many months, very welcome as the streams and brooks in the area¬†are dry. We have had to use electricity to pump water for several weeks,even months. We will be glad to be able to use our hydram again, once the flow of water has increased… can’t believe we are hoping for rain. We have had enough rain now to saturate the land and stop us from being able to do any mechanical work on it, probably until next spring now. I must say this is very welcome, as it slows the pace down a little., and allows us a bit of breathing space. It is dark , and our last job of the day, (shutting the birds away in their houses) is now completed by 6.30.

This week we have the return of our bacon and gammon joints, so looking forward to that. The sausages from this particular pig were very good, so hoping that the bacon will be as special. We are very much into the winter crops, all at their very best. Squashes are fabulous, having had a perfect season for their particular needs. Lots of lovely greens, with plenty of “real” spinach still producing well. Three varieties of beetroot, all very colourful¬† and appealing.

Tristan will be making some toffee apples in the arch on Saturday, using a recipe given to me by a neighbour, real fairground style, but using small russet apples. Very fitting with bonfire night on the horizon. Also we will be making a rich quiche lorraine, using our own bacon of course.

See you on Saturday.

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