Saturday 8th October | Fern Verrow

Saturday 8th October

According to the biodynamic calender it is a fruit day today, and we are off to harvest and put into store, our crop of squash. This always marks a place in our year, with it being the last of the crops that must be gathered and stored for winter. We were very pleased to have had the last weeks very warm dry weather to take the squash to their peak. I feel that we have had a very North American Fall so far, an area that grows squash so well… the warmth of late hopefully means that we have some outstanding squash this year. The leaves on the trees are very colourful, again something that North America is well known for, keep your eyes open we are in for a spectacle of Autumn colours this year. We do of course need the rain desperatley to fill the streams and brooks, no doubt it will come, hopefully without too much force.

Amongst our usual great greens and roots, we will have  the last of this seasons  tomatoes and french beans, my how they have produced., with these last ones tasting mature and sweet. More sweetcorn, again tasting wonderful, and probably the last of it for this year. Lots of apples and pears as well as some quince from France. Next week we will have sausages for sale, meanwhile there will be a few ducks  this coming weekend. Honey again this week.

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