Saturday 1st October | Fern Verrow

Saturday 1st October

How can we not start this weeks blog without referring to the weather! Not like we don’t every week, but my goodness how strange it is, still very much like Autumn, the sun low in the sky with a white quality in the light. Soaking wet grass in the mornings, and a mist at the bottom of the hill. By ten o’clock we are hot and bothered.  It shortens the winter, and enables us to be able to do jobs that we would normally do at this time of year, faster and more efficiently, without wet conditions slowing us down. Many of our neighbours are make sileage, unheard of at this time of year. Secretly we are longing for wet days to slow the pace down, but whilst the sun shines we must make hay as the saying goes. We were planning to harvest the squash this week, but with the warmth with us we have allowed them to ripen even more, which will only bring greater flavour to them  and of course to you., so now this job moves onto next Tuesday.

The animals are enjoying the warmth too, geese are getting fat and turkeys are amusing us with their friendly and calm nature. Piggies are happy on the old potato patch and their bellies are swelling.

Many lovely crops for sale this week. Lots of greens, cauliflower and brocolli. More tomatoes, tasting sweet and full of flavour. Lettuces and endive are very good, as are the salad bags with nice hot flavours in the mix. Real spinach again this week. We will also have a few punnets of Autumn raspberries.

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