Saturday 17th September | Fern Verrow

Saturday 17th September

Cool early  mornings and warm sunny days for us this week, with the colours changing daily on ripening squash and tomatoes. We have had a very animal based week,  moving sows into new quarters, to await the arrival of their offspring. All sheep have had a much needed pedicure and bloomer trim. The ewes are on a fresh piece of ground that has plenty of good grass.  This will enable the ewes to gain weight again after having had their lambs “afoot” all summer. Very necessary for the creatures that remain outside in all weathers, all year round.Curly our Hereford cow and her calf are on an apple windfall diet, with some bolted celery to wash the apples down.. Curly is a very greedy cow and will not let us pass her in the field without calling out very loudly for some tasty snack or other. She has been spoilt and I am sure we will pay for this later. Next week our youngest set of pigs are on the move to the old potato patch, where they will stay for a few weeks to clear the field of any stray potatoes. The pigs are as we have said many times very helpful to us with clearing and tidying up our fields. We have to remind ourselves of their uses, as from time to time they cause us a few headaches,we have had some escapees these past few weeks, and this is not much fun, especially when they are on the road heading for Hereford.. that story another time. In general they are very well behaved and provide us with lovely bacon and ham to sell and eat.

What do we have this week… well even though I say it myself we have a bounty of beautiful vegetables. With the warm days and little bursts of rain, the vegetables are having a lovely time. Some pictures below today. Many exceptional cauliflowers and brocolli. Green leaves again are full of vitality and vigour. These include spinach, three kales, and three varieties of chard. Red florence onions  are excellent. Courgette plants are still producing well. We have a fine crop of carrots this year, good sizes and tasting and smelling amazing. I need to check the raspberries, but I fear that the wind earlier in the week has damaged them, but we shall do our best to bring as many as possible. Plums and damson again this week. Yellow french beans too, and more tomtaoes.

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