Saturday 10th September | Fern Verrow

Saturday 10th September

Spring came early this year, so I suppose it makes sense that Autumn has arrived early too, much cooler days and plenty of blustery gusts this week… the bbc says this windy weather is our share of hurricane Irene, thankfully just a small portion, none the less with such a dry season the trees  are dry,  and brittle branches are falling to the ground, along with the amber coloured leaves. It is time for those winter jobs, tying up roses, securing raspberries, cutting back herbs and flowers and putting them to bed for the winter with a cosy blanket of precious leaf mould, full of calcium to feed the roots and mulch the weeds.  However things are still growing well with still a good 13 hours of sunlight every day. The Brassica field is a feast on the eyes, a painters pallet of all green shades imaginable can be seen, it is like a painting, by whom I do not know. It makes us feel proud to be part of such beauty. We promise a photograph will be posted very soon, and of course the fruits to be brought to the Arch in due course.

The first of our leeks for sale this week, broccoli and the first of the cauliflower, which we had for supper this week in a comte and parmesan bechamel with tomatoes grilled on top… very delicious. Plenty of tomatoes this week, if you want to freeze or bottle some for the winter, this is the week to do so. Plums, damsons and Autumn bliss raspberries. Apples both  cookers and desert..pears too.

Salad bags are on top form with young  peppery mustard leaves  land cress and sweet bitter endive and corn salad included in the mix. The lettuces are enjoying the cooler climate and we have a few varieties.. speckled brown trout, Reine des glaces  and webbs wonderful.. the last two being “iceberg types” , but unlike many icebergs these have crunch and taste!

A few squash this week to celebrate the autumnal weather. Carrots too are at their best with the usual novelty shapes..but the flavour and texture is superb.

We are back on with our meat, chickens this week and in two weeks our own lambs and sausages and bacon to follow this month.  Turkeys, geese and ducks are grazing the land and fattening up for Christmas.

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