Saturday 3rd September | Fern Verrow

Saturday 3rd September

We harvested all our main crop potatoes yesterday, a mamoth task, but helped enourmously by Harry’s organisation and our friend Jon’s help with loading them into the store. Thanks too of course to the team for picking up and selecting the best to go in the boxes. The squashes are growing well and loving the warm dry days, three weeks or so before we bring those into store, so time to rest a little and prepare for that workout. Fern Verrow is looking really beautiful, we are practically weed free (a first). This, is of course most pleasing and satisfying, but of course it means that the plants that we want growing are not competing for air, light and moisture and are reaching their potential. Our tasks in the next few weeks are to batten down the hatches for winter, and giving the animals some attention, so that they too are prepared for the colder months to come.

Again a great variety of crops to sell this week. Lots of tomatoes, lettuces and leafy greens. Much broccoli too. Fruitwise we have some plums, greengage, damsons and sweet plump raspberries. Next week we are hoping to have some chickens for sale.

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