Saturday 20th August | Fern Verrow

Saturday 20th August

Our last “sortie” of the season on the planting machine yesterday. Spring cabbage and cauliflower… wishing them strength for the winter to come, and hoping that we will have a calmer time of it than last year. Today we are planning to have all our main weeding projects done, a first..  feeling that we are alongside the weeds, and that the plants are all in a good place. This is thanks to our armory of good weeding tools and implements, very helpful weather and the hard work of everyone, especially Harry, who has kept it all managed with hours of tractor driving under his belt. So our thoughts move on to harvest time and preparing the farm and ourselves for winter. We are planning to dig up the potatoes in the next two weeks, and put them in the store. Squashes will be allowed to ripen for  a few weeks more, or until the weather turns wet and cold. Curly our breeding cow is home again after her visit to Simon Cutters’ bull, so hoping for a new calf in May 2012.

This week at the Arch we have a fantastic selection of vegetables and fruit. Beautiful red florence onions are a must have. We have been eating many tarte tatin style tarts made from the red flos, which is out of this world. Lots of green leaves. Tomatoes are bountiful this week. Greengage and plums are ready for picking. Yellow crookneck squash are at their best at the moment, and if you have not tried these, then do as they are very special. Great carrots, beetroot and the last of the broad beans. And much more besides….

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