Saturday 13th August | Fern Verrow

Saturday 13th August

Another week has flown by, much acheived as usual. The Brassica field is one day off from being fully weeded. Will send a photograph soon, as the blues and greens bring warmth to the eyes. Picked the first of our apples today to bring to the arch. Not a huge crop this year, due to a rather bad hail storm back in May that must have damaged blossom. However we have some amazing greengage from one of our trees that has never fruited before.

Our star crops this week are probably the red f lorence and rosa di milano onions. The carrots too are looking and tasting brilliant. Fingers crossed we appear to have beaten the root fly this year, so hopefully we will be having many carrots to sell this year. Lots of green leaves for sale this week, shiny emerald green swiss chard, green and ruby chard too.

Lots of flowers again this week, including highly perfumed sweet peas. Our bees appear to have produced another batch of honey, which we hope to harvest in a few weeks time, it promises to taste very floral after having such a good time with roses and sweet peas this year.

A good amount of our tomatoes this week, don’t forget to buy some of our basil, and of course some of Elliot and Alisons mozzarella.

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