Saturday 6th August | Fern Verrow

Saturday 6th August

As August has arrived, we feel that we can safely say that our growing season has been a great one. The weather has been more than kind this year, generous with the warmth and light, and compliant with the rain fall. We have been weeding for England these past few weeks; especially important in the humid conditions of late,  enabling the plants to have plenty of air circulation around them, so allowing them to breath and not be stifled by wet undergrowth that can allow moulds to take hold. Sometimes weeding feels like  a mammoth and tedious job, but as we walk away from a field of healthy vibrant plants, we are proud and happy to be a part in their wellbeing. Albeit tired and feeling rather hot and bothered.

Much lovely produce on offer this week. Lots of greener than  green leaves. French slender beans. Beautiful celery and three varieties of onions. The first of a decent quantity of tomatoes, which we have been enjoying most lunchtimes this week. Look out for the carrots we have a new variety this year which has quite an unusual colour, but even though it may be rather a novelty it tastes and smells fantatic.

Breakfast and lunch on offer this week too.

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