Saturday 23rd July | Fern Verrow

Saturday 23rd July

Again very sorry for lack of content in the recent posts… busy weeding and looking after things, more interesting things will follow¬† when things quieten down in the Autumn. Meanwhile we are very happy with the vegetables and fruit that we will be harvesting, and selling to you on Saturday. Peas are outrageously good, a new batch of bright green broad beans. Green and ruby chard. Lots of brocolli. Salad leaves, lettuces and endive. Raspberries are still abundant and tasting amazing. Courgette and yellow crookneck sqaush .

Tomatoes are coming, but with the recent cooler weather they are taking their time… next week hopefully should see the first of them. The second pick of long stemmed sweet peas are a joy to the senses.

See you on Saturday.

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