Saturday 9th July | Fern Verrow

Saturday 9th July

Having planted nearly half an acre of brassica plants a week ago, the hot weather over the weekend and Monday had us worried for their well being. All was well however with the onset of rain on Tuesday,  having planted into good moist ground last week  has helped to hold the plants well, and in our opinion we think that a little hardship produces better vegetables. Not unlike ourselves. So this week we have been very pleased with ourselves and our judgement on when to plant what comes to over 15, 000 plants. Our garden grows well , and we feel that we have been well looked after with what has been (so far) close to perfect growing conditions. The must haves for sale this week would be the raspberries, very abundant, large and sweet as. New potatoes are very good both in flavour and texture. The onions are amazing and extremley sweet, these for the time being are the overwintered variety and i think the sweetness comes from them being subjected to the frosts.

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