Saturday 2nd July | Fern Verrow

Saturday 2nd July

Blessed with the weather we are preparing to plant our brassicas today. One really feels that you are in the middle of the growing season, when the winter crops begin to occupy one’s time. So a marathon of planting, well tended seedlings begins this afternoon. Much weeding and worrying ahead though we are sure.

We have been delighted with the produce that we have been bringing to the Arch the last couple of weeks. With at least 95% being home grown,  stunning both in appearance and taste, this we find  most rewarding, after having tended the crops through the good times and the not so good, we enjoy looking at them shining out in the Arch with life and vitality. We feel pride in our work together and with your comments and feedback, our will and determination to continue to grow the best vegetables that we can is strengthened.  We feel very privileged to be working with the soil, elements and in the open air. This week we have the first of our own new potatoes, lots of sweet sweet tasting peas and a very young batch of broad beans. More young spring carrots and beetroot. Another glut of soft fruit expected again this week. The josterberries are heaving on the branches, and having had a couple of hot days are tasting very sweet. Raspberries are bountiful and we are expecting these to be very good after having close to perfect conditions to ripen in these past few weeks. Loganberries, one of the most delicious and special fruits will make their first appearance this weekend.

Bacon and gammon joints for sale, with some cooked sliced ham. Beef steaks from Model Farm, also some very useful and lean minced beef. Brunch again too for sale and hopefully some strawberry jam tarts and Swiss roll.

Sorry not to have had any pictures to show you for a while, but we will remedy this soon, cameras and mud don’t go very well together too well.

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