Saturday 18th June | Fern Verrow

Saturday 18th June

As usual our main blog topic is the weather, having had a brilliant day of “persistent” rain on Sunday has meant that the crops and weeds have grown a great deal this week. A lovely warm morning was spent yesterday weeding long long beds of carrots, a nice job shuffling along the furrows, and loosing yourself in the repeative task, and good time for a think and a chat. Another three or four mornings will have them done we hope.

Another big strawberry harvest for this week, after a record 160 kilos last week. Look out for Kitty’s sorbet in the next couple of weeks, she said that our berries produced the reddest she had ever seen! I have to say that we have had enough of strawberry picking, but from time to time tasting a berry or two whilst harvesting, one can still appreciate their greatness. Our bounty is thanks to a warm spring, much care and attention, and of course plenty of composted biodynamically treated cow manure, applied during the winter months. Raspberries are netted to stop the birds feasting on them, and we may even have a couple of punnets this coming week. Other fruit this week includes gooseberries, josterberries and a few more red currants. Lots of greens available too including spinach, ruby chard and green chard. Another batch of splendid lettuces. We have three or four varieties this week, soft buttery peter rabbit style, crisp tight heads of a mystery (incorrectly labelled seed packet) and of course probably the most delicious of them all Cocarde.

Sausages for sale this week, and bacon and lamb next week. Breakfast and brunch too from 9.00. Please note that we will now be open until 3pm.

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