Saturday 11th June | Fern Verrow

Saturday 11th June

Less than two weeks until the summer solstice the longest day on June 21st. In many ways it feels so late in the season with hay only weeks away from being ready to cut and bale. On the other hand it is still early and there is much time left to plant and sow many more crops. Today we have enjoyed some lovely rain showers whilst planting out another batch of french beans, pencil thin dwarf varieties, climbing waxy yellow french (a personal favourite) and a few more runners, with some of these being used to make Granny Whitbys runner bean chutney, but more of that later.

Last week was the first week  this season where we really felt that we were bringing a decent variety and quantity of our own produce to sell. Always a time of great joy for us, having sown and cared for them for many weeks  and finally able to harvest and sell them is very rewarding for everyone involved. A marathon pick of the best strawberries we have ever produced last Friday over eighty kilos… same again this week, with the addition of redcurrants to add to the fruit selection. Raspberries are about three weeks away as are josterberries, and tayberries. Our new potatoes are coming into flower which indicates that they too are a few weeks from being ready to dig up. The first of the outdoor peas are podding up and after this nice spell of showery weather, they too will begin to swell and produce lots of peas, much work for you podding them, but you can’t beat a really fresh pea, as within hours of picking they can become quite starchy and loose their “quality”. Hence the famous birds eye advertisement. Young summer bunching carrots are growing very well and again are very happy for a drink.

So this week we have the following to offer. Lovely lettuces, Spinach, ruby and green chard. Lots of herbs including mint, tarragon, sage, coriander a beautiful thyme. Also the first of the basil. Strawberries by the truck load and a few red currants. Possibly some bunched beetroot, but definately beetroot leaves. Again this week we will be serving breakfast/ brunch this week eggs and sausages.

We will also have a few chickens for sale.

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