Saturday 4th June | Fern Verrow

Saturday 4th June

Summer is back! We had a lovely morning of good quality rain last week, so much has shot up. We planted the winter squash this week, between showers, so they are bedded in and happy.

We have some lovely produce to bring this week. Beautiful lettuce, ruby chard, green chard and beetroot leaves are our green offering. Herbs still on excellent form with lots of variety. Strawberries again this week by the bushel load. Tasting and looking fabulous. If we have any excess strawberries we will be turning them in jam, still searching for the ultimate recipe. Any leads would be appreciated.

Meat wise we have some more grasss (only) fed lamb from Model Farm. This is really amazing and worth trying, as it is milky soft and sweet.

We will also be serving breakfast from 8.30. This week in the form of bacon and eggs, all of course produced here at Fern Verrow. Haven’t decided on what to offer for lunch, but am sure we will also have some lunch/brunch on the go.

Sorry again for such a rushed post, much weeding and plant and animal care to get done today.

See you on Saturday

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