Saturday 21st May | Fern Verrow

Saturday 21st May

After the rain of last week, we have been pushed into the summer weeding madness. Lots of hoeing and cultivation this week to get an early strike at fast growing chickweed, redshank and fathen. Some of our beds had been capped by the heavy rainfall. This means that our sandy soil gets a rock hard crust having had a little too much water in too short a time on already parched soil.It can resemble an over cooked chocolate brownie. This makes it tricky for little shoots from the seeds to push through, so hence the cultivation, to open up the soil and allow the shoots to push through. Much of this we do by hand. On our larger fields we use a mechanical implement called a brush weeder. This has four rotating brushes that brush over the soil, knocking out unwanted weeds. All our vegetable beds are sown in three rows. The brush weeder has three tunnels that pass over the rows, not allowing the brushes to come into contact with the seed beds that contain the wanted seedlings. It does a lovely job.

This week at the Arch we have some more lovely produce to offer. The very first pick of strawberries, only a few this week but many many more next week. Broad beans and peas again this week. Swiss chard and baby spinach. Lots of different herbs, all in their prime. Bacon and gammon joints, and also lamb from Model Farm. This is the first of the new season lamb from them. The lambs at Model Farm are ONLY fed on grass and hay and of course their mothers milk, this is very unusual these days, as many farmers feed grain the fatten animals. Simon Cutter from Model farm believes that this produces sweeter,tastier and all round  better quality meat, We will be selling a whole lamb with shoulder and leg roasting joints, chops and minced lamb.

We are also offering breakfast and brunch. This week rashers of our own bacon, eggs and spinach. For lunch/ brunch we have beautiful lettuces hearts with spring onions bread from St. John and a good wedge of Doms Comte.

Sorry about no pictures again this week, but we are rather rushed off our feet, and can’t believe how quickly the week has passed.

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