Saturday 7th May | Fern Verrow

Saturday 7th May

The dry warm weather continues, but rain is again promised for this evening onwards. We have of course been very busy with planting and tending to our crops. A big french and runner bean planting this week, courgettes and sweetcorn too. Tomato and cucumber plants are in the greenhouse and looking happy to be there.

This week at the arch we have some lovely things for sale. Firstly are delighted that we are able to bring organic asparagus from farmer Jeremy Helme, Jeremy grows the asparagus near Ross on Wye, and we will be collecting freshly picked asparagus on our way to London. We will be selling it loose by the kilo and also with a bernaise sauce for lunch! Very exciting.

The first of our own lettuces are ready, cocarde and marvel of four seasons to start with. Red and green chard too. We will also be bringing the first picking of the fresh onions. Herbs are plentiful and at their best.

However most importantly we are very excited to say that we are able to bring some of our own honey to the arch this weekend. Our strong brood of bees survived the harsh winter, and helped by  the early burst of blossom and nectar have produced a wonderful floral scented, clotted cream textured honey. We will be selling this straight off the comb. If you have any plastic lunch box like containers please bring them along, as this unexpected early harvest has meant we were not prepared container wise.

Sausages will be for sale  next week.

Sorry for the rather dull post, will try and do better next week.

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