Saturday 16th April | Fern Verrow

Saturday 16th April

A soft day today, as they in Ireland, lovely gentle drizzle seeping into our newly sown, not quite but nearly parched vegetable beds. Chillier of late, but we are glad of the rain filled  cloudy skies. A good day for a 500 spary over all our land this evening. Always  a joy.

Four new lambs born over the weekend, twin boys and two single girls. They are all in a small field in view of our kitchen window, a nice sight whilst eating breakfast.

Our new workers are coming along well, a new addition this week, Hannah, thrown in at the deep end with weeding and cultivating, and preparing seedling trays for squash. It has been a good week for cultivating ( caring for) fruit crops and so we are busy with clearing and generally sprucing up our fruit beds, all of which are looking very healthy with the promise of bountiful and tasty crops.. fingers crossed for favuorable conditions to provide you with some lovely tasty berries.

This week we have some new season herbs for sale; mint, thyme, sage and lovage. French Breakfast radish and lots of swiss chard. Spring onions too. Lettuces from the greenhouse, looking perky and full. Chicken, bacon and gammon. Also some cooked ham. There will be more tulips and anemones, along with a good range of plants for sale .

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