Saturday 5th March | Fern Verrow

Saturday 5th March

Sorry to always be harping on about the weather, a farmers trait ,that and the price of diesel makes us rather moany folk.  The weather does rather dominate  our lives, it controls what we can and can’t achieve during our working week. Cold and foggy mormings have been the main, but as they say at least  it is dry! We have made moves this week in preparing the land for the forthcoming growing season, this means for us, getting our swine friends onto our growing areas to turn the soil over allowing it to dry and breath. We are hoping for a little warmer weather in the next few weeks, to help with the drying out and to allow the soil to warm a little. Nothing will grow in cold damp soil, and it always takes until the end of March for the conditions to be right to put tractors onto the growing land to make beds ready to sow seed. Nature has her own rules, none of which fit into the must have it now way of thinking that most of us have these days, we must be patient and work within her strict ties with daylight hours and warmth to allow seeds to germinate and grow. Our modern consumer ways, and the desire to have things when we want them are not always in  connection with the land and all that  entails,  we cannot change or control nature if we want to produce the best tasting and nutritious food. We have to work with her and her natural patterns. This is fundamental to the fern verrow way of producing food. 

Last week we sowed some salad crops in the greenhouse, over the last two days these have germinated and these will be the first of the new seasons produce. The soil outside in the fields is still a fair way off being ready to plant things into, and even longer to be warm enough for vegetable seeds to germinate in them. But things are definitely heading towards this happening. The amount of light,warmth and moisture will govern when this happens, and all of these factors shape what the weather does. So, with all this in mind, we will all be enjoying the fruits of the earth in the appropriate times which will in turn feed us all in the right way.

Meanwhile this week we have some greens for sale, peppery salad bags, spring greens and kales. Sausages are the meat course. Also more of the four fruit marmalade … and a few beautiful iris and daffodil.

See you on Saturday.

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