Saturday 26th February | Fern Verrow

Saturday 26th February

We have this week been finalising plans with our new season farm workers. They are all due to start in a few weeks time. Meanwhile with the weather forecast predicting  very spring like days over the next week , we are expecting to feel a little frenzied with tractors and machinery still needing to be serviced and oiled ready for the off. Tree leaf buds are very visible now, today we started to prune and shape the many rose bushes and shrubs, some of these are now getting to a mature age of three years. A very pleasurable job, as it allows one to shape the plants, and to visualise the many scented blooms that will hopefully come from the end of May onwards.

 Parcels are arriving daily with packets of seeds for this years growing, some old faithfuls as well as a few newcomers. Very exciting!

Harry is building some very smart new chicken houses, photographs will follow once they are built. The first one is in a picturesque spot next to a lovely wooded area, which is a natural habitat for chickens, so we are sure they will thrive and be very happy. The pregnant ewes are looking fat and well, with lambs due in early April.

At the arch this week we will have some chickens and ducks for sale. Sausages next week. Also this week we have a few  brussels and kale tops, both coming to the end shortly, once these are over we will turn out the pigs onto the cabbage patch to clean up and feast on the left over cabbages and greens, a job they do very well and enjoy enormously.  Salad bags this week are peppery and spicy with land cress, claytonia and  rocket being amongst the mix. We have sourced some very good biodynamic carrots, which are the same variety that we grow here at Fern Verrow, they are good tasting and very aromatic. We are selling bulk quantities for those that like to juice or just like to eat lots of carrots, so please look out for these on Saturday and over the next few weeks. Blood oranges and regular are still fantastic and are also available to buy in bulk.  We have made some dark, caramely Seville Orange Marmalade which will also be for sale. Again we have some of our spinach from the greenhouse, along with chervil and coriander. Plenty of potatoes

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