Saturday 29th January | Fern Verrow

Saturday 29th January

Milder weather this week after the frost of last week, hoping that we will be able to bring a few leaves from the greenhouse to sell this weekend. What have we been up to this week… well today we cleared 3 tonnes  of fallen oak leaves ( of which last year were plentiful) from the half mile long drive of the nearby Michaelchurch Estate. The drive has an avenue of huge old oak trees on the mossy bank.. a very pretty spot. We do this “work out” every year in conjunction with fellow farmers Ian and Evan Williams. Ian and Evan supply the machinery.The Fern Verrow gang stand in the ditches throwing out the leaves with forks onto the drive so that  the digger with it’s  large bucket can scoop  the leaves into the trailer. Two more mornings work will finish the job. We then have a few large piles of beautful leaves that we compost for two years and then use as mulch and dressing for our herb plants,  soft fruit trees and bushes. We also mix some with our home compost to make potting compost with which to propagate our plants. It is like golddust to us, hugely valuable and beneficial to the plants whilst not high in nutritional qualities it does act as a soil conditioner and has a high calcium content. The whole operation is quite a task but well worth the effort. No pictures I’m afraid as too busy keeping up with the men! Next time though especially if we have a sunny day.

Again this week our star crop are  the new season  blood oranges, moro oranges, bergamot lemons and marmalade sevilles. If anyone is interested in a bulk purchase of 10kg plus of any of the oranges or lemons please let me know as we can offer a wholesale price…. just drop me an email More bergamot lemons and new season biodynamic regular lemons from Italy… both at their very best.

Organic lamb and beef from Model farm for sale this week too. Otherwise we will have some of our greens, which I know are in high demand. I will of course be selecting the best from the wholesaler. Please remember that we are not at Borough Market, but only at the arch (55 Stanworth st SE1) Our hours are 9-2.

For the coming season you may be thinking of growing some French beans, whilst tidying our hegdes we have sorted out some hazel poles that are suitable for beans to grow up. We will have a supply of these for the next few weeks.

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