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Three Kings Preparation

The 6th January  (Epiphany)  is an important day for a biodynamic farmer. This afternoon we have stirred and applied the Three Kings preparation to our land. Developed by Hugo Erbe (a German biodynamic farmer) the preparation is an offering to the elemental world and a blessing for the earth. The three ingredients used are those offered as gifts to the Jesus child by the Magi (the three wise men) from the East: Gold (symbol of earthly wisdom), Frankincense (devotional offering to the Gods) and Myrrh ( symbol for the victory of life over death).

We put the three ingredients into a wooden pestle and ground them to a fine powder for an hour… it smells fantastic rather like a fine fruity Christmas cake. This is called the dynamising process. A little water is then added to create a paste. We then added the paste to 16 litres of  rain water. We “stirred” the water and preparations in a wooden barrel outside in our yard… in our usual stirring spot. We try and always stir with our hands as we can create a vigourous stir, and create a vortex in which to draw in the influences from the heavens. This is always done for an hour. We  took turns to keep a good momentum going and to take a break from the most active we have had to be since Christmas.

The idea is to walk the boundaries of the farm with a bucket in one hand and a brush in the other  dipping the brush and every few steps flicking the preparation in an outward direction, away from your land , where it falls in droplets. We do this to invite elemental life forces to manifest within the farm for this year and to help and  guide us for the coming growing season. We ask for good things to happen and give the preparation as an offering to the earth and to give thanks for what the universe provides. It is a lovely  thing to do and a chance to walk around the farm on a route not usually taken, holding thoughts of thanks and wishes to the farm on a spiritual level. Hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo to some, but we like it and it makes us feel connected and optimistic within the work that we do here, which can’t be a bad thing!

The closing words from The  Foundation Stone Meditation by Rudolf Steiner ( translated by George Adams in 1927) :

At the turning-point of time,

The Spirit-Light of the World

       Entered the stream of Earthly Evolution.

Darkness of Night

Had held its sway;

Day-radiant Light

Poured into the souls of men:

Light that gave warmth

To simple shepherds’ hearts,

Light that enlightened

The wise heads of kings.


O Light Divine!

O Sun of Christ!

Warm Thou our hearts,

Enlighten Thou our heads,

That good may become

What from our hearts we would found

And from our heads direct

With single purpose.








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