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Produce Available Saturday 11th December

In our sixteen years of growing we have never had such a heavy ground frost at this time of year. We have been in winter wonderland for the past two weeks. Very pretty frosty landscape with bright sunny days, and temperatures down to minus 10 on many nights. This weather is much more akin to February. Usually at this time we are having a really rainy stormy time, the wind blowing the leaves off the trees and the rain filling the streams and ditches. Our work these past two weeks has mainly been caring for the animals, and with these conditions this has taken much longer than normal with the water pipes frozen we have had to carry buckets of water from the house for the animals. It certainly does make one very appreciative of the things we take for granted.

We are definitely going to be at the Markets this weekend. However  the ground is still frozen solid and as of today we are unable to dig the ground for roots, there is talk of a thaw tomorrow so we will see the state of things on Friday. We will of course do our very best to bring as much of our own produce as we can, but we only want to bring the very best. Fingers crossed that the vegetables that are still in the ground recover. Due to the limited “harvestability” of our own vegetables, much for sale this weekend will be selected from the organic wholesaler that we visit on our way down to London, we will select the best we can get.  We do have sausages this week, also shoulder pork joints and gammon and bacon. There will also be a few of our chickens.  Christmas orders for duck, turkey and goose are going well,  we still have a few available, so if you would like one, then please order it this Saturday at the Arch or email us. We are intending to have duck and chicken for sale next week too, so if you are needing a bird for an early Christmas party then please let us know.

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