Produce Available Saturday 13th November | Fern Verrow

Produce Available Saturday 13th November

A cold north easterly wind blowing this week, has brought a really wintery feel to the days. With that in mind, today we are bringing the pigs back to Fern Verrow to their winter housing. Pigs are generally rather robust creatures, however like most animals they are not too keen on extreme wet weather. We have been fortunate not to have had too much rain of note this Autumn, so our pigs have had a good stint outside. Moving them can be quite a task, we have to coax them into a trailer ( food usually works) but we have had many a moment chasing pigs around fields, and occasionally on roads, but those are times that we would rather forget. Patience is the name of the game, today luck was on our side and everyone was very well behaved. They are all now in comfortable straw filled pens, out of the wind and rain. They are likely to remain there either until their turn has come to go to the abattoir, or back outside in  late winter or early spring, to help prepare the vegetable fields for replanting. Apart from the meat that they provide, they really are a great help on a vegetable farm, not only do they fertilise the land, but they lift and aerate the soil with their powerful snouts. This allows us minimum tillage on the land. We feed them grain, sometimes whey, but a huge part of their diet are the reject vegetables, particularly roots and windfall apples. Pigs really do eat anything, but we do find that leeks and onions are not to their taste!

For sale at 55 Stanworth st (9am-2pm) and Borough Market (8.30am-4pm)  this Saturday

New potatoes- Charlotte and Franceline
Main Crop potato- Arran Victory, Cara, Desiree, Nicola
Lettuce-  Cocarde hearts and delicious bitter (in a nice way) Endive
Beetroot  golden and red
Swiss Chard
Erbette Chard
Cauliflower- if the frost has not damaged them
Red Russian Kale
Cavalo Nero- everyones favourite Kale
Green Kale
Red and White Onions
Cabbages- Savoy and some crunchy green- please try these, they may look ordinary, but they are very very good- don’t miss out
Winter squashes- Red Uchiki Kuri, Buttercup, Stella Blue, Blue Ballet
Salad Leaf bags- young chard and beet leaves, corn salad and landcress,Golden streaks, Green in snow amongst the mix
Herbs: mixed bunches, dill and chervil
Parsley moss and flat
Chicken and Duck
All the above is produced at Fern Verrow and is certified Biodynamic.
 Bought in Produce: All organic and in many cases biodynamic
Apples and Pears- Some new varieties
 Lemons- new season from Italy
Maron Chestnuts
Oranges- the first of the season
Beef and Lamb from Model Farm Society- all organic These include minced beef, lamb chops, diced lamb for stews and roasting shoulders. Fillet of beef and some shins.

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