Produce Available Saturday 23rd October | Fern Verrow

Produce Available Saturday 23rd October

Sorry no pictures this week, but we do have some lovely crops for sale this weekend. We have definitely moved into the more so called wintery crops. Lots of green leaves, chards and kales. Savoy and crisp green cabbages.. and the first of the red cabbage. Our main crop potatoes are ready to go, please ask about them as each have different cooking qualities and it is really worth getting the right spud for the job! Root-wise we have the regulars  carrots, parsnips and beetroot. We have grown some Hamburg parsley and salsify this year. The hamburg parsley looks like a baby parsnip, but it has a strong parsley flavour, that can be used in flavouring stocks and stews, but someone said that it makes great soup. More chicken for next week, but this week we have our sausages, bacon and some gammon bacon joints.

For sale at 55 Stanworth st (9am-2pm) and Borough Market (8.30am-4pm)  this Saturday

New potatoes- Charlotte and Franceline
Main Crop potato- Arran Victory, Cara, Desiree, Nicola
Lettuce-  Cocarde, Endive
Beetroot  golden and red
Swiss Chard
Ruby Chard
Erbette Chard
Romanesco Cauliflower- light green cosmic spirals of fine taste
Red Russian Kale
Cavalo Nero- everyones favourite Kale
Green Kale
Red and White Onions
Cabbages- Savoy and some crunchy green
Salsify- well worth trying, nice and sweet and not too rooty
Hamburg Parsley root
Winter squashes- Red Uchiki Kuri, Buttercup, Stella Blue, Blue Ballet
Salad Leaf bags- young chard and beet leaves, corn salad and landcress,Golden streaks, Green in snow amongst the mix
Bags of rocket
Herbs: Sage,  Mint, tarragon,Rosemary, Thyme
Parsley moss and flat
Mixed herb bunches
Raspberries- Autumn bliss the sweetest of them all
Eggs- hens are laying better so a few more boxes available
All the above is produced at Fern Verrow and is certified Biodynamic.
 Bought in Produce: All organic and in many cases biodynamic
Lovely seedless muscat grapes from France- very special ( Biodynamic)
Apples and Pears
Lemons- new season from Italy
Red Peppers
Beef and Lamb from Model Farm Society- all organic

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