Produce Available Saturday 25th September | Fern Verrow

Produce Available Saturday 25th September

A big week of harvesting, beautiful warm sunny days. Yesterday we harvested, sorted and stored all our winter squash. What beauties they are, so rich in colour that it hurts your eyes, the warm and mostly sunny summer has brought them to their finest. Plenty of pictures below. Today we are off to another field to lift our main crop spuds. Purple skinned Arran Victory, good mashing Cara, old faithful Desiree and very tasty Nicola are this seasons crop.

Much to harvest also for this weeks market, our stalls will look like the best harvest festival ever! Romanesco cauliflower are ready, lime green in colour with cosmic spirals, a wonder of nature. They taste similar to cauliflower, but we think that they have a finer flavour, so look out for them on Saturday. Lots of broccoli again this week, in general the greens are amongst the best we have produced, not only are they bountiful, but they are tasting so sweet, in some cases good enough to eat raw, but a little steaming,  a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of salt and pepper is just the job. Roots too are great in quality carrots, parsnip, golden ball turnip, celeriac and swede for the moment. Soon we will have salsify and hamburg parsley.

Meat wise this week we have Gammon joints and bacon from Fern Verrow. Again we will also be selling lamb and beef from Model farm Society. In two weeks time we are hoping to have a few chickens and ducks, which I know will please many of you.

Here are a few suggestions to using and eating squash.. if anyone has a favourite recipe that they think we should know about please let us know.

Squash Puree

2lbs Squash

2 cloves of garlic (optional)

3 oz butter

¼ pint of milk


Salt and pepper


Peel and de seed the squash and cut into 2-inch chunks. Place in a saucepan with enough water to cover base of pan, so that squash do not burn. Place lid on saucepan and steam squash until soft. Check squash frequently as it may catch and burn – add extra water to prevent this.

Mash squash with the milk and butter. Add finely chopped garlic (pre roasted garlic tastes even better), nutmeg to taste, and finely chopped parsley. Season. Serve as you would mashed potatoes or add a grated quarter pound of a good flavoured hard cheese, and serve with a fresh tomato sauce.


Roasted Squash


Peel and seed squash. Cut into one-inch chunks. Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast on a baking sheet in the oven until tender. Will take approximately half an hour at 375 degrees. Turn with a wooden spatula a couple of times during cooking to prevent burning. Toss with parsley and garlic or any other fresh herb that you like.


Squash Soup


3lb squash

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

2 sprigs of thyme

4 cloves of garlic

1 ½ pints of chicken stock

A little butter

Cut the squash in half scrape out the seeds. Tuck a sprig of thyme into each cavity. Oil cut surface of each squash with oil. Place face down on baking sheet. Roast until tender (approximately 45 minutes). When cool enough to handle, scoop out the flesh and add to a pot along with roasted garlic and stock. Mash all together. Season. Heat, and add butter for richness.


Baked Squash


Cut the top off your Squash, scoop out seeds with a spoon, fill the cavity with Comte or any other rich flavoured cheese, a couple of sprigs of sage, salt and pepper, a top up with cream. Bake in oven or wood-burning stove for about an hour. Eat with bruschetta. Very rich and delicious.

for sale at 55 Stanworth st and Borough Market

New potatoes- More delicious Charlotte and Franceline new potatoes- tasting fantastic
Lettuce- and a few tender endive
Beetroot  golden and red
Cucumber- nothing like a freshly picked cucumber!
Swiss Chard
Broccoli- fantastically sweet , could be eaten raw
Red Russian Kale
Cavalo Nero- everyones favourite Kale
Green Kale
Carrots- one of our best crops ever
Long Red Florence onions- sweet enough to eat raw.
White Musona Onions
Runner beans
French slender beans
Sweet corn
Courgettes and Yellow Crookneck – only available for a couple more weeks
Winter squashes
Romanesco Cauliflower
Salad Leaf bags- young chard and beet leaves, corn salad and cress,Nasturtium flowers amongst the mix
Bags of rocket
Herbs: Sage,  Mint, tarragon,Rosemary, Thyme
Parsley moss and flat at it´s best right now
Mixed herb bunches
Tomatoes-  lots of tasty and interesting varieties picked fresh from their vines. Purple Calabash, Olirose, Matina and Gardeners Delight
Flowers- Roses, sunflowers, dhalias,Gladioli,  and lots  of sweet peas
Raspberries- Autumn bliss the sweetest of them all
Eggs- hens are laying better so a few more boxes available
Bacon and gammon joints- THE ARCH ONLY
All the above is produced at Fern Verrow and is certified Biodynamic.
Lovely seedless muscat grapes from France- very special ( Biodynamic)
Apples and Pears
Peppers – red pointed
Beef and Lamb from Model Farm Society- all organic

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