Produce available on Saturday 18th September | Fern Verrow

Produce available on Saturday 18th September


Twenty-fourth week (15-21 September)

from Rudolf Steiner’s ” Calendar of the Soul”

” Itself-creating still

soul-substance goes on to be self-aware;

refreshed in new self-knowledge lives

on the World-spirit, onward strives

forging from those dark places of the soul

her felt identity, the fruit of Will. “

In his Preface to the second edition (1918) of the Seelenkalender Rudolf Steiner observed:

“In this Calendar the verse given for each week is intended to help the soul into an experience of that week as part of the life of the whole year. The Calendar is designed to express all that echoes in the soul when it unites itself with that life. It aims at creating a healthy feeling of at-one-ness with the goings-on of nature, and consequently a strong self-discovery…

Writing a ” report ” every week  to give you an idea of what we do here is a tricky one, we don’t want to bore you with every detail. However as it is probably very different to what you get up to each day we hope that you find it interesting.We want to show you about the work that goes into producing the food that you eat. So on that note, we are putting our efforts into getting as much done to look after this seasons’s crops and to give plants that will produce for next year a jolly good start. This usually means preparing new beds with compost and manure, turning compost and adding BD preparations. The animals are all still outside , and on fine form, but we need to prepare for winter which means space for indoor housing needs arranging. The weather rules our lives to some extent, and we are always trying to keep ahead of diffucult times, to help our work load and to maintain the well being of our plants and animals.

for sale at 55 Stanworth st and Borough Market

New potatoes- More delicious Charlotte and Franceline new potatoes- tasting fantastic
Lettuce- anad a few tender endive
Fennel- young and tender for salad and roasting
Beetroot  golden and red
Cucumber- nothing like a freshly picked cucumber!
Swiss Chard
Broccoli- fantastically sweet , could be eaten raw
Young Red Russian Kale
Cavalo Nero- everyones favourite Kale
Green Kale
Beet leaves
Carrots- one of our best crops ever
Long Red Florence onions- sweet enough to eat raw.
White Musona Onions
Milano red onions- sweet enough to use in salads
Runner beans
French slender beans
Sweet corn
Courgettes and Yellow Crookneck – only available for a couple more weeks
A few winter squashes
Baby Leeks
Salad Leaf bags- young chard and beet leaves, corn salad and cress,Nasturtium flowers amongst the mix
Bags of rocket
Herbs: Sage,  Mint, tarragon,Rosemary, Thyme
Parsley moss and flat at it´s best right now
Mixed herb bunches
Tomatoes-  lots of tasty and interesting varieties picked fresh from their vines. Purple Calabash, Olirose, Matina and Gardeners Delight
Flowers- Roses, sunflowers, dhalias,Gladioli,  and lots  of sweet peas
Raspberries- Autumn bliss the sweetest of them all
Plums- Victoria and some dark purple ones!
Eggs- hens are laying better so a few more boxes available
Bacon and gammon joints- THE ARCH ONLY
All the above is produced at Fern Verrow and is certified Biodynamic.
Coming soon Hamburg parsley, salsify, cauliflower… and chicken
We will also be bringing some fruit that will be selected in Stroud on our way up to London on Friday evening . All of it is Organic,  and in many cases Biodynamic: ( Demeter is the accrediting body for biodynamic growers and farmers)
Lovely seedless muscat grapes from France- very special ( Biodynamic)
Apples and Pears
Peppers – red pointed and orange (Biodynamic)
Beef and Lamb from Model Farm Society- all organic

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